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The exhibition is opened to NUS community. ALL are welcome! Hope to see you there! Venue at University Hall, Level 2, LinkBridge, 10 Apr (Mon) ~ 11 Apr (Tue) 2017, 9am ~ 5pm.
SINCE its inception a century ago, quantum physics has faced something of an experimental problem. The theory promises all manner of interesting and perhaps useful behaviours of particles in isolation, under rigidly controlled conditions.
As the technological challenges of tech companies get bigger and badder, a crowd of physicists is moving in on the engineer headcount.
NUS physicists, Prof Edward Teo and Dr Chen Yu have found a new type of black hole that can exist in anti-de Sitter space, whose event horizon is infinite in extent yet has a finite area.
Both Dr Ng and Dr Yang are hopeful that the NASA recent discovery of TRAPPIST-1 will spur interest and raise awareness of the study of physics and its related research. At NUS, astrophysics - a branch of physics that seeks to explain objects and events observed in the sky - is offered as a specialisation under the Physics major programme.
A/P Tok Eng Soon is an experimental physicist who teaches in USP and the NUS Physics Department. He teaches the USP module “UPC2206 Nanoscale Science and Technology”, for which he received the USP Teaching Excellence Award in 2015 and 2016.
IPS Awards 2017
Congratulations to Prof. Gong Jiangbin, Asst/Prof. Utkur M. Mirsaidov, Asst/Prof Quek Su Ying, Dr. Yeo Ye and Ms Lee Lai Bay for receiving the IPS Awards 2017 for their outstanding research, contributions and leadership done in the field of Physics in Singapore
CQT's Valerio Scarani and Juan Miguel Arrazola have shown that two parties can hide a quantum signal sent between them within background noise: keeping secret not only the contents of their message but also the fact that they are in conversation. The work is published in Physical Review Letters

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