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The pages on this wiki are intended to communicate information between the NUS Physics Department mechanical workshop, and primarily the students and staff of the NUS Physics department, but also to other users in the NUS Science Faculty or other Faculties.

The content of this wiki is publicly available. The information provided is considered as a guideline with the intention to be useful, and does not represent an authoritative answer.

You are able to add and edit content if you are a member of the NUS community as long as you have a NUSNET identity. We are able to trace any content provided by you, so you bear the full responsibility of compliance with NUS policies for your postings. In particular, make sure you comply with legal requirements of Singapore, and with the guidelines of NUS towards making any information public when making posts. Keep in mind the reputation you generate for NUS, and NUS IP policies. Specifically, do not post copyrighted material if you don't have the explicit permission of the copyright holder. Also, it is strictly prohibited to use this wiki to disseminate spam, malware or advertisement.

We reserve the right to remove contributions that are in violation of any policy or law and consider further actions where appropriate, and encourage anyone who finds content in this wiki that is problematic in this respect to contact us for appropriate action.

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