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This is a very incomplete guide to quickly get you started on editing the wiki"

How to edit stuff

You need to log in by right-clicking the login link in the top-right corner. This brings you to a page on which you can use your NUS ID and password in a secure way (soon to come - for now, only workshop staff can log in). The very first time, you will be asked to generate an account where you can adjust your preferred identity. On subsequent logins, you will not be bothered with this. Once you are logged in, yo see all the edit buttons, and you can start editing the existing text.

How to upload images

  1. Upload the image (in one of the usual formats, i.e., jpg, png) via the "Upload file" menu on the left
  2. Enter a link into any text in the edit window (you can see how this image is done if you edit this section)


How to create new pages'

  1. Think about a meaningful name for the page
  2. Add a link to the page by putting the meaningful link name in double brackets on some page or section and save it.
  3. The reference now appears in red. Click on it, and it will bring you to the edit section of a new page

How to create links to somewhere else

  1. Just enter the URL directly into the text, like or point to the same thing with a hidden link.
  2. You can do more fancy editing and formatting later.