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Mr Wong Zi Heng overcame adversity in spite of a cervical spinal cord injury. He is now pursuing a postgraduate diploma in education. He is featured in The Straits Times' Generation Grit: Paralysed at 21, his will to live was unwavering.
Join us as a physicist. Physics is cool and fun. Check out this short clip here. Enjoy!
An international team including NUS researchers predicts a way to strengthen quantum synchronisation, setting stage for experiments.
A team of Special Programme in Science (SPS) students comprising Year 2 Physics student: KIM Mu Young and three other Science students emerged as the top winner at the 8th International Natural Sciences Tournament (INST) held in Agra, India from 29 January to 3 February 2018.
In recognition of his pioneering and lasting contributions on the beneficial role of fluctuations in statistical mechanics in and away from thermal equilibrium Professor Peter Hänggi receives the Blaise Pascal Medal in Physics 2018 awarded by the European Academy of Science.

The awards are recognizing the outstanding contributions to the physics landscape in Singapore through research, education, and outreach at all levels. Congratulation to Dr. Cindy Ng Shao Chin, Dr. Abel Yang Jiahui, Prof. Wang Jian-Sheng and Prof. Feng Yuan Ping for receiving the 2017 IPS Awards.

NUS physicists have found that complex electron-electron interactions change the energy levels at molecule-metal interfaces, affecting the performance of molecular electronic devices.
Power of positivity
NUS Science Valedictorian Wong Zi Heng, paralysed after suffering a cervical spinal cord injury, was recently conferred the Bachelor of Science (Physics) degree with honours, proof that he stared down the face of adversity, and won.

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