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CQT researchers have exploited the vibrations of trapped ions to explore a phenomenon known from optics. The technique offers new tools for experiments in quantum thermodynamics and quantum computing.
Advanced Materials
More than meets the eye
NUS physicists have discovered that gold nanoparticles can enhance the light emission from tungsten disulphide (WS2) flakes and reveal minute changes in the material composition.
In two separate studies led by Professor Andrew Wee and Associate Professor Andrivo Rusydi from the Department of Physics at the NUS Faculty of Science, the researchers uncovered the role of oxygen in MoS2, and a novel technique to create multiple tunable, inverted optical band gaps in the material.
Power of positivity
NUS Science Valedictorian Wong Zi Heng, paralysed after suffering a cervical spinal cord injury, was recently conferred the Bachelor of Science (Physics) degree with honours, proof that he stared down the face of adversity, and won.

Congratulation to our Physics student, Mr Tay Zhi Jian Daniel for winning the Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher Prize (OURP) for AY2016/17.

Project Title: Photon-Magnon Coupling in Split Ring Resonators
Supervisor: Prof Ong Chong Kim (Department of Physics, Faculty of Science)
Category: Individual
Our heartiest congratulations to Associate Professor Ariando appointed as Dean’s Chair in the Faculty of Science.

This appointment is made in recognition of his outstanding and impactful scholarly accomplishments which are well acknowledged.

Prof Bernard TAN Tiong Gie was presented the Emeritus Professorship award by Provost Prof TAN Eng Chye at tea reception organised by the Department of Physics on 20 June at Physics conference room.

The Laser Brillouin group of Prof KUOK Meng Hau has simulated the dependence of the eigenmodes of skyrmions in ultrathin ferromagnetic films, on the Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction and applied magnetic field. Special thanks to AIP, the work has been highlighted as an article in American Institute of Physics Publishing in the News, and as a press release in Newswise, entitled “The Synchronized Dance of Skyrmion Spins”.

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