Germany Immersion Trip


We visited Munich, Gottingen and for the first time ever in GIT Berlin during the 24-day trip. It was an educational experience as we learned albeit on the surface the culture of physics and technology in both academia and industry.

We attended lectures with chalk board discussion and experimental demonstrations. The latter emphasised the importance of experimental work, a key element I found missing from the Powerpoint style physics teaching I received as an undergraduate. The two colloquiums we attended (one by Prof Englert) were eye-opening. The exchanges during Q&A were fierce and to us young Asians, the tension was through the roof. Despite this, the professors still hang out like buddies after that.

For our industrial experience, we visited the Otto Bock manufacturing facilities in Gottingen. We saw behindthe- scene prosthetics production and most importantly, the vital role of physics in the business. In the wake of uncertain job prospects at home, it’s encouraging to know where physicists are in demand.


We visited various museums including Deutches Museum, an outstanding science and technology museum. An exclusive guided tour was arranged for us which to me was the best part of GIT2016. We learnt so much about the physics behind various technologies such as missiles, diving suits, boats, etc. With museums like Deutches, it’s no wonder Germany has such a strong tradition in science and technology.


GIT2016 had been a unique experience for us with Zi Heng in our midst. We were happy to have made the trip as memorable for him as he had for us.

Contributed by Mr Lee Yuan Zhe, honours graduate. All photo credits go to Mr Tan Bo Xue, honours graduate