My Yale Experience


Physics student Ng Kia Boon shared about his experience at Yale University under the Yale Visiting International Student Programme.

The Yale Visiting International Student Programme (YVISP) has given me the best of both worlds. Being an official full-time undergraduate of both NUS and Yale, I got to tap into all of the resources and support offered by both institutions. These valuable resources complement each other and add value to my undergraduate experience.

Like NUS, Yale embraces diversity. Yalies come from different parts of the world, hold a wide spectrum of beliefs, come equipped with passion and talents, and are ready to engage you in stimulating discussions anytime and anywhere. This diversity is further amplified through the liberal arts system in Yale. Diversity in the student population does not stop with the Yalies alone.

Participants of the YVISP hail from all across the globe and we form a sizable family of about thirty staff and students. Collectively, we specialise in almost every field available in the world. Despite our differences, we share the same passion for learning and sharing what we know, both in and out of the academics. Never have I had so much cultural and intellectual exchange in my undergraduate life.


Perhaps the best parts of the programme are the free trips organised by the YVISP committee to places like the Six Flags, New York city, Washington DC and apple farms for apple picking. These come with food and accommodation!

As a bonus, the YVISP is a year-long programme. It is not too short to spoil the fun before it begins, yet not too long to get you seriously homesick and craving for home food. I decided to extend my stay in New Haven with a summer internship at a physics lab in Yale. This led me to work with students from Harvard on a groundbreaking research project. I have always wondered what research life of a graduate student was like, and this has allowed me to take a peek at my future.

The YVISP has been a truly wonderful experience for me, and I strongly recommend this programme to anyone interested in a visiting programme abroad.