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28 March 2017
STG: String Theory and 21st Century Mathematics

Come join us for 3rd session of Spark The Gap series in this semester!
6 March 2017
New Physics Shirt

The long-awaited new Physics shirt is now available for purchase!
7 February 2017
New Honorary Physics Orientation Camp Director

Wong Su Yi Esther joined us as our Honorary Physics Orientation Camp Director.
Physics Enrichment Camp (PEC 2017)

Physics Enrichment Camp is open for registration, Join us now!
31 January 2017
Recruitment for POC subcommittee!

Missed the chance of attending POC last year? Well fret not, because here is your chance!
23 January 2017
CNY Steamboat Dinner

Join us on Physoc's annual steamboat dinner, open to all staff and students of the Physics department!
17 January 2017
STG: How Did Physicists Detect Gravitational Waves?

Come join us for first session of Spark The Gap series in this semester!

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