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Every student study Physics for different reasons. Some study Physics because they hate Biology; some are hard core Physicists; some couldn't get into Engineering; while some just studied Physics because that's the only subject they can do well in. Physoc notices that and we try our best to assist the students, help them to answer questions like "What should I do next?" or "What job opportunities do I have?".

Event Summary for Career Workshop and Alumni Sharing Session (2009)

The career workshop and alumni sharing session was held on 8th Jan 09, Thursday, starting at 3.30 pm and 7pm respectively at the Physics Resource Room. The career workshop was conducted by Ms Cammie Tan from the NUS Career Centre and it was about resume and cover letter writing. There were 21 physics majors attended the workshop and the workshop lasted for 2 hours. Ms Tan had shared important tips and pointers for resume and cover letter writing, and the students had gained a lot from the workshop. However, some of the students think that the workshop should be held earlier and the speaker should spend less time in resume and spend the rest of the time covering other components.

The alumni sharing session started at 7pm and it lasted for around 2 hours. There are 17 physics majors who attended for the sharing session. The Physics Society has invited 4 speakers to come for the alumni sharing session, who are working in different fields such as research, industry, business and finance. The speakers shared their experiences in looking for a job, reasons for changing one job from another, their opinions on why physics graduates had an advantage over other fresh graduates. The students asked the speakers on job related queries and they have gained a lot from the replies given by the speakers. On the whole, the sharing session was conducted successfully and some students suggested that the society can also invite speakers who are from different kinds of industries for the next sharing session.

~ NUS Physics Society